Nova Linia

Тailoring Factory

Nova Linia LTD is a proven leader in the production of high quality women’s and children’s clothing


All clothes produced in Nova Linia pass 100% quality control


Our team consists of competent professionals with many years of experience


We are ready to offer a circular economy and work "on demand"


Development and production processes

Nova Linia is a modernized company for development and production of high quality clothes. Our team of trained specialists offers a full range of processes in the fashion business. With uncompromising and guaranteed quality we cut, fuse, sew, embroider, stamp, pleat, iron, pack and transport your clothes to any poin in the world.

We rely on guaranteed quality control, care and attention to the smallest details through established and proven over the years internal systems and practices. We can communicate easily and transparently, maintain strong and long-lasting relationships with partners.

What we offer to our clients

Construction and grading

Construction and grading

Production of samples

Production of samples

Production -CM, CMT and FOB

Production -CM, CMT and FOB

Guaranteed quality

All garments produced in Nova Linia go through three levels of 100% quality control

All workers in Nova Linia are qualified and motivated professionals

Nova Linia has a recognized experience and tradition in the production of women's and children's clothing from

Why produce in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has an ideal location for production in Europe: on the border between Turkey and the EU, and the city of Ruse, where Nova Linia is situated, is on the border with Romania and only 70 km from Bucharest.

-Bulgaria is a member of the EU and the clothes produced have a guaranteed European origin

-Bulgaria is the modern place of clothing production in Europe

-Nova Linia is a certified manufacturer according to the standards of BSCI, SMETA

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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