Production of high quality women's and children's clothing

Establishment and growth

Nova Linia LTD

was established following the requirements of the market and driven by its desire to constantly satisfy the needs of its customers and on the other hand providing excellent working conditions for its staff, it is constantly evolving.

Started as a very small family business, we are constantly growing, with more and more leading global fashion brands turning to us. Today our main factory has highly qualified employees and modern specialized equipment, and we try to make them all fully at the service of the customer.

Our mission

Nova Linia LTD  provides its clients with complex solutions in the field of women’s clothing production. We are their desired partner in the transformation of the design idea into the finished product. Our team works to ensure the best quality in the shortest possible time.

We enjoy the trust in our work from world famous brands such as KENZO PARIS, GIORGIO ARMANI and others, which have been producing in our factories for years.

Guaranteed quality:

-All garments produced in Nova Linia go through three levels of 100% quality control

-All workers in Nova Linia are qualified and motivated professionals

-Nova Linia has a recognized experience and tradition in the production of women’s and children’s clothing from

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